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Our Mission: 

To fill and satisfy all of life’s desires, wants and needs at an affordable price because we believe in equality in attainability. Life is a collection of little, happy moments. At Rumi, our mission is to provide these simple sparks of joy to life everyday through all the good and happy things that our store has to offer. By maintaining such reasonable prices, we aim to be indiscriminately catering to all our consumers regardless of age, finances and culture. Along the way, we will work towards frequently updating inventory to ensure that we can offer something for everyone.

Who we are:

Rumi is a team of visionaries, go-doers and initiators who wish to better the present for an improved future. We physically personify the concept of affordability and efficiency in all of our products. At Rumi, we preach a lifestyle filled with minimal, aesthetic, and well-designed products so our shoppers can enjoy life to the fullest. Rumi works with over a hundred multicultural and innovative designers from over twenty countries across the globe such as Germany, France, Korea, Japan and China to supply quality and cost-effective products. In addition, we work alongside our company’s personal manufacturers and designers to self-create our own products in accordance to current trends and demands.

Our brand philosophy:

Our name, Rumi, is intended to reflect our goal to make your living space “roomy.” To us, Rumi means spacious, and we believe that people always has more room for the things that make them happy. With our products, our consumers can expect to add our philosophy, the three C’s, to their everyday lives.



For that additional delight of finding not only products that you need but also products that you never knew you needed. We take a spin on ordinary.



For that extra touch of coziness that we can guarantee from using only the best quality material in our products.



For those moments that you realize our products make your lives so much easier. From organization and planning to accomplishing daily chores more efficiently, we promise convenience in our products’ addition to your lives.

Our products: 

We maintain our high standard of excellence in the products that we deliver by utilizing only high-quality raw materials. The material purchase for each product has been strictly selected for and inspected in order to design, produce and serve our products with sincerity and promises of excellent quality. Our designers and manufacturers have carefully and diligently produced over 4,000 products that will surely meet the needs for all our customers. Progress and improvements are core components of our values so we will work towards expanding our inventory through a hundred new additions each month to meet the demands of our customers by examining customer trends. Our merchandise will be constantly tested, updated and advanced to meet the needs of the masses and ensure the value of our company.

Store Design

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